Front clutch producer with more than one hundred-year old tradition. Exclusive representa- tion for the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.

Products: plates for clutches and brakes, mechanically actuated multi – plate clutches, electromagnetic clutches and brakes, hydraulically
actuated clutches, pneumatically actuated clutches and brakes, clutch / brake combinated units, multi-plate brakes, rotary lead connection etc.




Producer of wide range of clamping units, clamping of tools. Exclusive representation for the Czech and Slovak Republic.

Products: mechanical clamping units, hydraulically and pneumatically actuated clamping units, hydraulic clamping lists, hydromechanical
clamping elements, electromechanical clamping units, hydraulic units intended for hydraulical clamping units, hydraulically actuated roller lists for ease of handling with tools.



Raja Lovejoy

American company. Exclusive representation for the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.

The company Lovejoy joined the company Raja BRD last year. Both companies are producers of mechanical clutches of various types and implementation.
Common clutches that means clutches between engines and hydraulic generators are stored in our company.




Centralized lubrication equipment. Exclusive representation for the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.

Products: hand pumps, pumps for single-line or multi-line tube systems, progressive distributors, lubricant units, lubrication units
combination “oil – air”, level control sensors, electromotive lubricating equipment. Work medium – oil, grease.



Euro Press Pack

Tolls intended for maintenance sector. Ditributor contract.

Products: single-acting and double-acting hydraulic cylinders, manual, foot, hydropneumatic and hydraulic pumps, valves and
accessories, hydraulic assembling tools, hydraulic jacks and pullers.




Hydraulic generators, hydraulic motors, hydraulic components. Distributor contract.

Products: hydraulic distributors, proportional valves, pressure controlling valves, flow controlling valves, reducing and closing
valves, control blocks, axial piston hydraulic generators, toothed hydraulic generators



Eduard Baumgartner

Seit über 30 Jahren liefert die Firma Baumgartner Pneumatik GmbH Ventile und Zylinder weltweit an die Automobilindustrie, Nahrungsmittelindustrie
sowie zahlreiche andere Industriezweige.




Techno Parts

Distributor contract.

Products: seals for hydraulic and pneumatic, rotor and shaft seals, seals for chemical and food industry, piston rod packings, piston seals,
seals for rotary components. More than 20, 000 types of standard packing elements are stored for quick service.



Morssinkhof Hydraulics

Dutch company. Co-operation for repairs of constant and regulative hydraulic generators and hydraulic motors. Supplies of hydraulic
generators and hydraulic motors from front world producers ex store.





…Professionals in the field of drive technology.





Hydraulic cylinders producer. Hydraulic cylinders in standard implementation, implementation with scanning of end position, test
cylinders for test equipment, press cylinders, cutting cylinders, electro-servo-cylinders etc.





Distributor contract.

The core business of MAHLE comprises products in the area of combustion engines and engine peripherals. In addition to the automotive industry,
MAHLE also supplies the small and large engine areas as well as the market for industrial filtration.



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